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Sunshine Fund

May 1-15 Green Mountain United Way  

Sunshine Fund donations for the first half of May will support Green Mountain United Way’s Working Bridges program. This program supports low-to-moderate-income working Vermonters in Washington and Northern Orange counties who are experiencing life challenges that make it difficult to keep stable, good-paying jobs. Some of these challenges are as small as needing new snow tires or a car repair to continue to have reliable transportation to work. Other challenges are more complex, like working Vermonters who have steady employment but are struggling with homelessness, financial instability and food insecurity.


May 16-31 Vermont Indigenous Heritage Center  

When you stop by our Taproom and Retail Store in the second half of the month, your Sunshine Fund donation will benefit the Vermont Indigenous Heritage Center. This organization provides a safe space for Abenakis to engage with their culture and traditions as protective factors in the face of identity and cultural loss and systemic racism.

Preliminary anecdotal evidence shows the healing value of cultural revitalization programming. Since the Heritage Center concept came to the Burlington Intervale in late 2018, there has been a remarkable blossoming of Vermont Abenaki cultural and environmental heritage. The Center includes a unique “living museum” of clothing, tools and sacraments that are routinely used by Abenakis in their ceremonies, or their studies in understanding past Indigenous life in Vermont.

March Sunshine Fund Update


We are thrilled to present Birds of Vermont Museum with $10,740.02 and Rokeby Museum with $13,084.15 directly from the Sunshine Fund. Thank you to all our guests who donated throughout March — your generosity helps us foster a thriving community.


Super Sessions

At Lawson’s Finest, we invite you to show up, innovate and play! It’s how we brew our beer, do our work, relate to each other and try to make the world better. In that spirit, we offer pint-sized grants for playful “Super Sessions” to bring people together in fun ways that build community anywhere Lawson’s Finest is distributed.

On May 15th, Art Jam Collective and the Clean Bushwick Initiative are using their Super Sessions grant to skate through Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn, NY and pick up litter. If you’re in NYC, you can join the “TrashMob” and amplify their mission of sustainability.


CMBA Award

This year, our Social Impact Program (SIP) was recognized at the Craft Beer Marketing Award. The program won a “Platinum Crushie” for Best Craft Industry Cause-Related Campaign and we are so proud.

SIP is our way of building impactful connections and strengthening our communities while creating memorable experiences. It was developed in partnership with Jeff Bercuvitz of The Sparks Center  — coaching changemakers around the globe to succeed in their work while crafting lives of meaning, joy and impact. The six initiatives within the program are Sunshine Fund, Sip of Support, Super Sessions, Green is Grand, Great Place to Work, and Good Brews for a Cause.


Change In the Air

This summer, Lawsons’ Finest Liquids is the Main Stage Sponsor of Change In The Air Festival on Saturday June 18th in New Haven, CT. The festival is a call to action to create a more inclusive beer industry. The organization worked with New England Brewing Co., The Connecticut Brewers Guild and Sacred Heart University to build the CT Brewers Guild African American Brewing Scholarship. The scholarship makes education in the brewing sciences more accessible to Black and Brown brewers. Change In The Air Festival will raise money for the scholarship while providing a safe, inclusive space for all craft beer enthusiasts.



These brews are available throughout VT, CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI.

Scrag Mountain Pils Salt & Lime 4.8% ABV

This special version of our traditional Czech Pilsner, known affectionately as “Scragarita,”  is a sure sign of summer. It’s infused with lime juice and sea salt for a well-balanced dance of crisp and tart.


Scrag Mountain Pils 4.8% ABV

The crisp, original Scrag Mountain Pils was inspired by the traditional Czech Pilsner style. Our house lager is a tribute to the source of Waitsfield’s town water and the aquifer deep beneath Scrag Mountain.

Little Sip IPA 6.2% ABV

Our crushable Little Sip IPA has a juicy, fruit-forward character layered with tropical hop flavors and bright floral aromas. Each glass boasts notes of grapefruit and pineapple to complement this delectably balanced beer.


Sip of Sunshine IPA 8% ABV

Our iconic Sip of Sunshine is inspired by the original Double Sunshine IPA, the first recipe brewed at our Wizard’s Workshop. It has the recognizable juicy, tropical fruit character and a floral aroma jumping from the glass to remind you that you’re sipping on Sunshine.


Super Session #3 4.8% ABV

Super Session #3 is designed to be a light and refreshing beer with low alcohol, yet the full hop character of a Session IPA. Each beer in our Super Session series is brewed with the same malt base and specialty malts but features a different single-hop variety. Super Session #3 is brewed with copious amounts of Comet hops.


Vermont Specials

These brews are available throughout Vermont!


Space In Between With Passion Fruit 5% ABV

A special edition featuring Passion Fruit puree! With a depth and form unclear, this hazy Ale resides in the space in between styles. Brewed with oats and wheat, a hint of tartness, and dry-hopped with Galaxy & Nelson Sauvin.


Peril Imperial IPA 11.1% ABV

Our Imperial India Pale Ale has a menacing hop character and dangerously smooth flavor, achieved by copious dry hopping and cold conditioning. Please enjoy responsibly… at your own Peril!


Brave Little State Pale Ale 5% ABV

Brave Little State Pale Ale is a Vermont-grown beer brewed in collaboration with Vermont Public Radio to celebrate Brave Little State. It’s a hazy, juicy Pale Ale with a soft mouthfeel, exploding with bountiful aromas of melon and berries. The Vermont-grown ingredients inside each can embody the incredible spirit of the Green Mountain State and VPR. As a Good Brews for a Cause through our Social Impact Program, a portion of Brave Little State sales will be donated to support VPR’s mission and fuel independent journalism.


Taproom Exclusives

Come to the Taproom for these tasty brews.


Triple Sunshine Aged in Tequila Barrels 11% ABV

At the end of the month, our special version of our juicy Triple Sunshine IPA is a rare find, but when it’s available, our fans can’t get enough. This brew is aged in tequila barrels sourced directly from the Jalisco region of Mexico to bring notes of vanilla and coconut to this exquisite tropical delight!

Hopcelot IPA 7% ABV

Our new Taproom Staple was inspired by a dreamy combination of music, hops and beer. Celebrate with us as we revel in the glory of 8 varieties of hops from around the world, brewed to create intricate flavor and delight your senses!

ConnMann Helles

A clear, bright traditional Munich Helles lager with noticeable floral, herbal, and spicy notes from the addition of German Tettnang hops with a biscuity, fresh-baked bread taste from German Pilsner and specialty malts.


Tasty Bites

We have plenty of refreshing bites perfect for the spring munchies. We can’t get enough of our BLT Pasta Salad and Quinoa Lettuce Wraps.