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The Origin Story of Super Lemonova

Super Lemonova is the first homebrew recipe from one of our talented brewers, Brian. He developed the recipe over 10 years ago and named it Phoebe after his sheep! If you stopped by the taproom during the summer of 2022, you may have seen the pilot on the menu.

After its success in the taproom, we decided to can it as Super Lemonova for a small Vermont-only run. Now, we are scaling it up so all of our friends in our 9-state distribution can give it a try!

Here’s What You Can Expect

According to Brian, “this 5.1% is super light and super crushable. It’s made with American hops, a mix of American and German malts, and British yeast.”

Super Lemonova is an incredibly balanced blonde ale bursting with citrusy hop notes. The fruitiness is complemented by a subtle twist of tartness thanks to three additions of lemons. First, we add lemon to the boil then twice more in the bright tank. Each sip has a nice refreshing, dry, brisk finish.