At Lawson’s Finest, we love to help support thriving communities where people take good care of each other, protect and enjoy the natural world, and bring more fun to life. Lawson’s Finest is guided by our five pillars – Excellence, Authenticity, Fun, Community and Innovation. These values are represented in our product quality, work culture, guest experience and charitable giving.

The SIP, our Social Impact Program, is the Lawson’s Finest way of building impactful connections and strengthening our communities while creating memorable experiences.

The SIP was developed in partnership with Jeff Bercuvitz of The Sparks Center  — coaching changemakers around the globe to succeed in their work, while crafting lives of meaning, joy and impact.

Lawson's Finest Liquids SIP Donations 2021
Lawson's Finest Social Impact Program (SIP) 2021

There are six Social Impact Program (SIP) initiatives:


providing a living wage and generous benefits to all employees

Great Place to Work

Lawson's Finest Beer Garden

helping local communities thrive

Sunshine Fund

Super Session #4

bringing people together to show up, innovate, and play

Super Sessions

Still Single IPA

collaborative batches for worthwhile causes

Good Brews For A Cause

Lawson's Finest Brewery & Taproom

greening up for the planet’s health

Green is Grand

Mad River Riders

providing donations for charitable fundraisers and events

Sip of Support