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The Finest and Freshest

At Lawson’s Finest, we believe that you deserve the finest and freshest beer — it’s as simple as that.  We are deeply passionate about the liquids and carefully attend to each step — brewing, packaging, shipping, selling and sipping — to ensure you can taste the exceptional quality, flavor and freshness in every can.

Always Kept Cold

Our beer is a living, fresh product that does best when it’s kept cold. We make sure it stays cold from the time it’s packaged in our colorful can to the time you purchase it. This means refrigerated trucks, frosty storage and ice-cold beer caves. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Enjoy Fresh

Our strict Freshness Code guarantees fresh, cold beer. We stamp the packaging date on every can and check inventory at stores regularly to ensure it meets our standards. We even have a team of Lawson’s Finest employees that specialize in it! If they find an older brew on the shelf, they will replace it with fresh beer.

We recommend drinking our IPAs and hop-forward beers within 60 days of packaging. Most other styles are best consumed within 90 days of the packaging date. Our high alcohol (over 9% ABV) and barrel aged beers are worthy of saving for special occasions in a cool, dark place. If it’s an IPA, drink it fresh!

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