Lawson’s Finest loves to support local events and community initiatives! We are especially excited about events that advance our core causes:

  • Healthy communities, food and economic security, and other social services that address essential needs with dignity and care.
  • Natural resource protection and sustainable recreation in our beloved Green Mountains.

Sip of  Support is part of The SIP (Social Impact Program) at Lawson’s Finest. The SIP includes six initiatives:


providing a living wage and generous benefits to all employees

Great Place to Work

Lawson's Finest Beer Garden

helping local communities thrive

Sunshine Fund

Super Session #4

bringing people together to show up, innovate, and play

Super Sessions

Still Single IPA

collaborative batches for worthwhile causes

Good Brews For A Cause

Lawson's Finest Brewery & Taproom

greening up for the planet’s health

Green is Grand

Mad River Riders

sponsoring charitable events and fundraisers with donations

Sip of Support