At Lawson’s Finest, we invite you to Show Up, Innovate & Play! This is the spirit we bring to everything we do – it’s how we brew our beer, do our work, relate to each other and try to make the world better.

In that spirit, we offer pint-sized grants for playful “Super Sessions” to bring people together in fun ways that build community anywhere Lawson’s Finest is distributed. For example, a group could organize a synchronized cannonball jump in the town pond to raise money for cancer research, or sponsor a bike parade and cook-out to honor local school teachers.

Four times each year, our employee-run Super Session Selection Squad will choose projects to each receive up to a $250 check that will launch a Super Session. Applications will be scored on several criteria including innovation, community-building, fun, and credibility.

Super Sessions

Super Session
(Hypothetical) Examples

Synchronized Pond Jump

With a Lawson’s Super Session Award, the New Hampshire village of Malden put together a great afternoon that featured a Synchronized Pond Jump for the staff, teachers and students of Malden High!

Hot Wheels Night

Honoring his town’s tire-manufacturing past, James Maout of South Mission, CT got 150 people to come out for the first-ever Hot Wheels night, with classic cars and a Matchbox loop-de-loop competition.

Parade of the Gnomes

Nanden, New Jersey’s first-ever Parade of the Gnomes brought more than 200 people out for a fun afternoon at the Nanden public housing community garden, thanks to a one-of-a-kind Super Session organized by Kendra Jones and her three sisters. 

Mooovie Night

Mooovie Night in the tiny village of Landbury, VT brought the whole community out to a local dairy farm for family-friendly films & ice cream sundaes.

Super Sessions is part of The SIP (Social Impact Program) at Lawson’s Finest. The SIP includes six initiatives:


providing a living wage and generous benefits to all employees

Great Place to Work

Lawson's Finest Beer Garden

helping local communities thrive

Sunshine Fund

Super Session #4

bringing people together to show up, innovate, and play

Super Sessions

Still Single IPA

collaborative batches for worthwhile causes

Good Brews For A Cause

Lawson's Finest Brewery & Taproom

greening up for the planet’s health

Green is Grand

Mad River Riders

sponsoring charitable events and fundraisers with donations

Sweet Support