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Sunshine Fund


In memory of our friend and colleague, Dave Hammond, our September Sunshine Fund recipient is the Vermont Veterans Fund. Your donation at the Taproom or through our online store is appreciated!

Dave enjoying a float

The Vermont Veterans Fund was created in 2010 to provide resources to local individuals and organizations providing services for long-term veteran care, homeless veteran aid, transportation services, veteran’s service programs and veteran recognition.  For more information about the programs and services offered through the Fund, click here.



Tuesday Tunes

Don’t miss Tuesday Tunes in our Taproom this September. We’ll dance our way into fall every Tuesday from 5-7pm with Kip de Moll and Friends, John Lackard Blues Duo, Troy Millette and KeruBo. These events have limited seating so make sure to get here early to get your spot.



These brews are distributed throughout VT, CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI


Kiwi Double IPA (8.1% ABV)

Kiwi Double IPA is now available in all nine of our distribution states! It’s brewed with New Zealand grown Nelson Sauvin & Pacific Jade hops to create a signature taste unlike anything from the Northern Hemisphere, with a vinous character of white wine grapes and notes of citrus and fresh ground pepper.

Super Session #8 (4.8% ABV)


Super Session #8 is brewed with Mosaic hops for a beer packed with peach and stone fruit aromas and flavors. It’s obvious why it is one of Sean Lawson’s favorite hops! This Super Session is now available in 4-packs and 12-packs throughout VT, CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI. Cheers!

Sip of Sunshine IPA (8% ABV)

Keep summer going all year long with Sip of Sunshine IPA! Make your summer barbeque, poolside hang or evening bonfire even sunnier with this tropical vacation in a can.

Little Sip IPA (6.2% ABV)

Have you tried the newest addition to our line of Sunshine beers? Fans of the bright tropical flavors of Little Sip IPA will find this beer throughout the Northeast in both cans and on draft. It’s the latest addition to our year-round line up!

Vermont Selections

These brews are distributed throughout Vermont.

Steve’s Backyard Red (5.5% ABV)

We collaborated with local homebrewer Steve Robbins and leveraged his talented use of specialty malts, a fine blend of hops and a generous dose of Green Mountain attitude for a red ale that we can’t get enough of. Pick up a 4-pack of Steve’s Backyard Red our Retail Store and see why we all love Steve.

Barrel Aged Saison (11.8% ABV)

Through this collaboration a year in the making, we gave our Saison an extra touch by aging it in Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin barrels. The result — a dark Saison with an indescribable strong, smooth taste. This Barrel Aged Saison is available in bottles at Caledonia Spirits in Montpelier.


Hopzilla Double IPA (8.7% ABV) 


This monster of an IPA is back to make you pucker up! Hopzilla is loaded with high-alpha U.S. grown hops, and this brawny double dry-hopped ale will terrorize your taste buds yet has enough malt backbone to balance a fierce bitterness.

In The Taproom

Special draft beers only available in our Waitsfield Taproom


Violaceous Gose (5.5% ABV)


Julie’s Violaceous Gose is now on tap! Our Lab Manager has a knack for creating beers that are both beautiful visually and exceptional on the palate. It is a refreshing, slightly tart beer with herbal, fruity notes and a citrus kick. The beautifully violet-colored brew (thanks to elderberries) finishes bright with more zest and tang than your typical beer. Try this uniquely delightful drink in our Taproom and see why it’s a staff favorite.

Peach Heilmannweisse

Back by popular demand! Our Peach Heilmannweisse sold out so quickly in our Taproom, we’ve brewed another batch. This tart and refreshing draft sold out in just a few short weeks and it will return to our Waitsfield location in mid-September. Swing by to enjoy a glass in our Taproom before it’s gone again.