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A Tom Cat Barrel-Aged Saison

We had so much fun collaborating with Caledonia Spirits on our Barrel Aged Saison, aged in Tom Cat Gin barrels. After months of anticipation, this magical process has mingled the classic aroma esters of a strong Belgian Saison (inspired by “Avec Les Bon Voeux”) with the earthy and herbal notes of Tom Cat Gin. Scott Shirley, Lawson’s Finest Director of Brewing, and Sam Niels, Barr Hill Beverage Director, virtually sat down to chat about the collaboration a year in the making on the eve of its release.

Don’t miss your chance to try this limited brew! The Saison is available in bottles in our Retail Store and at the Barr Hill Distillery and Bar.  You can also try Caledonia Spirit’s exclusive beer cocktail featuring the barrel-aged Saison at their Distillery and Bar.