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Step One

Every beer starts with malted barley right out of our iconic silos.🌾 We use a wet mill to mix the barley with water, then we break it down into wort to boil with hops and other special ingredients. After we chill the brew, this magical liquid is ready for the next step of the process — fermentation! 🍺

Our silos feature our iconic Sip of Sunshine sun and Beer Guy head

Our wet mill hard at work

Our Brewer, Chris, dumps hops into our mash


Step Two

We add yeast and let the magic of fermentation take over converting sugar into alcohol!💫 Then we dry-hop it by running the brew through a tank of fresh hops and shaking it up by hand to add the unique aromas that make it a Lawson’s Finest brew!


Ray pours hops into our dry hop tank to get ready for dry hopping

Step 3

After fermentation, we cool the brew down, carbonate and analyze the clarity and taste the brew. When it tastes and looks just right — we are ready to package! 🍺

Step 4

 It’s finally packaging day! Our Brewery is stirring with cans whizzing around, kegs being filled, jams bumping on the speaker and even a robot packing pallets.🤖 Our Brewery cans up to 100 cans every minute and keeps it cold from the moment it leaves the tank to the moment you crack it open.🍻

Step 5

Sip away. Cheers!