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Sue Nadeau’s son, Michael, has always been a craft beer fan. When IPAs came to the forefront of the industry, he was hooked and wanted to share his passion with his family. He set up IPA tastings featuring beers from all over the Northeast, determined to turn Sue into a hop head.  


Sue and her husband initially met Michael’s IPAs with skepticism. They thought the brews tasted too bitter, but Michael would not rest until he found an IPA for everyone. The tastings continued and when Sue finally tried her first Sip of Sunshine, she unlocked an IPA love like no other.  


At the time, Sip of Sunshine was not yet available in Sue’s home state of New Jersey. Distribution was so rare that you could only buy two cans at a time wherever it was available. Sue wouldn’t let any scarcity put a wedge between her and her favorite brew.  


She traveled to Connecticut searching high and low for the yellow cans. Sue and her sister called package store after package store asking them to save two cans at a time for pickup. “It was popular, and you couldn’t get it which made it all the more sought after,” said Sue. “It was like we were on a scavenger hunt.” 


As Lawson’s Finest distribution expanded, so did her love for Sip of Sunshine. But in September 2020, her affinity for our yellow can was interrupted when Sue was diagnosed with cancer.  


Sue and her family were no stranger to cancer as it took her daughter just years before her own diagnosis. Hearing such bleak news during a global pandemic painted a dim future, but cancer was no match for Sue’s unrelenting fight and bright optimism.  

She found her inner sunshine and powered through treatment which included an operation and 22 days in the hospital during quarantine with limited visitors. Now she is 100% cancer free and enjoying Sip of Sunshine to mark her recovery. “Some people celebrate with champagne for any special occasion,” said Sue. “But I knew my celebration was going to be with Sip of Sunshine.” 


Sue is healing magnificently from the surgery and her recovery has changed her outlook on life, helping her find sunshine in everything and everybody. “I beat it and I’m ready to take on life with more gusto and an appreciation for everything,” Sue said.  

Cheers to you Sue and all the inspiration you bring!🍻