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At Lawson’s Finest, we’re bursting with sunshine. So, we’ve partnered with Outright Vermont to help everyone’s rainbow shine a little brighter.  We learned about Outright Vermont’s amazing work during an eye-opening presentation on building a more inclusive workspace hosted by Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

Outright Vermont provides education, support and space for LGBTQ+ youth and their families. Through mentorship and advocacy, the organization fosters growth and builds an allied community of supportive sponsors. Outright Vermont expands its reach by creating intentional, safe and vibrant queer spaces throughout the state. Their guiding mission is to build a Vermont where all LGBTQ+ youth have hope, equity and power.

As the only statewide LGBTQ+ organization, Outright Vermont knows we have a long way to go. The harrowing depression, anxiety and suicide rates in Vermont LGBTQ+ kids are still high — but Outright Vermont works tirelessly to curb those numbers through accessible resources and safe spaces. As one of their summer campers described it, “51 weeks out of the year my identity is challenged, questioned or ridiculed. While I have worked my butt off to find allies and build connections at home, Outright will always be the place where, without question, I am completely accepted.”

In addition to providing direct support, Outright Vermont works with organizations like the Vermont Department of Children and Families to ensure foster families are educated about the needs of LGBTQ+ kids and can provide a safe and loving home for them.

Now you can help them make the world a better place in the Lawson’s Finest spirit. All profits from our Rainbow Can Cooler and Rainbow T-Shirt support their unwavering passion and inspiring mission. You can also join their Virtual Firetruck Pull and fund more opportunities to stand beside youth and advocate for the change they need to make their lives better, safer, glorious.