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This Sunday (6/27/21) Local Donut is popping up at our Taproom with The Three B’s: Bacon, Beer & Butter —  a limited-edition donut featuring a Maple Barrel-Aged Beer Glaze made from our maple brews, VT bacon crunch and whipped maple buttercream frosting. These delicious donuts will be available at our Retail Store at 10 am and in our Taproom at 11 am.

Local Donut

finding the resilience of sweetness in an uncertain time

Tucked in a vibrant, green corner of Woodbury, a husband and wife unwind in their backyard oasis beside a fire as their children play in the homemade teepee among the trees. There’s only one thing that could possibly make Nate Doyon and Nina Livellara’s Vermont fairytale better — donuts.

Nina welcomed us to her home as she delicately sipped a glass of our once-a-year Maple Tripple. Nate emerged from the woods wearing a canvas apron and a smile. “The whole neighborhood is coming over,” he told Nina.

It was research and development day at Local Donut and the lucky neighbors were taste testing The Three B’s: Bacon Beer & Butter featuring a Fayston Maple Imperial Stout glaze. When the donuts came out, the neighborhood chatter halted as taste testers sank their teeth into the doughy masterpiece. “It’s so good,” was the only feedback they could provide. Nate and Nina were surrounded by friends and donuts for the first time since quarantine and it felt like a triumph.


Local Donut was established in the midst of the pandemic. When businesses closed, Nate lost his job at the coffee shop where he sold his donuts — but that didn’t stop the cravings from his donut fans. So, the couple decided to fill the community’s need for sweetness in a time of uncertainty.

They made donuts in their kitchen with a yeasted mother dough from years of trial and tribulation. They fed their spirit with the joy they spread with every dozen and fed themselves literally through partnerships they cultivated with local farms. They were revitalizing the community during a harrowing time and doing what they loved as a family.

With the help of Nate’s father, they built a small bakery attached to their house. Now, they make 500 chewy, air-filled, sweet yet salty donuts a day. Each mouth-watering bite gives back to about eight local farms.

Stop by our taproom to experience the story you’ll have to taste to believe and fill the donut hole in your heart! Learn more about Local Donut HERE.