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Developed by the Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Board



Who we are


Mission Statement: 

The Lawson’s Finest Liquids (LFL) Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) Board is a 100% employee-led group that seeks to champion positive change towards a more equitable and diverse company by fostering a culture of education to grow our awareness to all biases and help LFL integrate changes that allow our brand to remain accessible to all people.


Vision Statement: 

The EID board will lead the company in a diverse and unified direction while staying rooted in LFL’s core values. We will continue to be innovators in the brewing industry and use our business and beer as tools to contribute to social change, justice and inclusion for all.



Where we are


At Lawson’s Finest, we have always led with our values. Listed below are the protocols and practices already implemented within our company that we will continue to expand and adapt to the changing world.



  • We hold all employees and guests accountable to a zero-tolerance policy for hate, sexism and racism with approved de-escalation techniques regularly provided by our partners at PAC Maine
  • We offer multiple channels for employees to report harassment or disrespect within our organization
  • We provide periodic “Listening Sessions” for employees seeking support or more information
  • We communicate with employees in a timely manner about internal and external EID topics that arise, including our stance and understanding of situations as an opportunity to create open dialogue for ideas and advancement
  • We ensure equal opportunity of input from all employees



  • We founded our employee-led Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) Board in June 2020 to guide our social responsibility
  • We annually monitor EID progress to identify impactful opportunities for progress through the “Organizational Activity Self-Assessment”
  • We enforce our in-house No Harassment and Zero Tolerance for Violence policies
  • We are evaluating our company policies and practices through the B Impact Assessment to achieve B Corp accreditation
  • We provide employees with ongoing resources through our partnerships with Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Abundant SunCQ Strategies and Crafted for All 
  • We are working with The Michael Jackson Foundation to develop a mentorship program that provides opportunities for BIPOC communities and women in the brewing industry
  • We offer company benefits that promote gender equity such as paid family leave, generous PTO, affordable medical insurance and adaptable scheduling to allow employees with dependents flexibility whenever possible
  • We use our social platforms to spread awareness of EID causes



  • We hold daily pre-shift meetings to address EID topics with employees
  • We have Taproom procedures and protocols to respond to sexism, harassment, racism and violence



  • We execute a Supplier Ethics Audit using an internal rubric to make informed purchasing decisions
  • We work with the Vermont Brewers Association (VBA) and the Brewers Association (BA) to coordinate our actions, align with best practices, and utilize additional resources offered by our state and national guilds in the craft beer industry
  • Our Social Impact Program creates charitable partnerships to support nonprofits dedicated to creating a safer, more inclusive world
  • We participate in training opportunities and utilize resources provided by Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and other local and national organizations


Where we’re going




Lawson’s Finest Liquids is committed to creating a safe space for everyone regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, ability, gender expression, age or appearance. We are committed to continuous improvement to help those who have been mistreated or marginalized and those seeking transformative action. We will hold ourselves and those around us accountable. This Action Plan will continue to evolve as we learn and grow to serve as our reminder that we are always striving for progress and improvement.



  • Launch a streamlined internal database of EID resources and information
  • Complete planned investment in company Human Resources function by hiring a new full-time dedicated employee
  • Add additional training in Bystander Intervention, Sexual Harassment and Non-Violent Communication by the end of 2021
  • Join WeVow, a platform that provides a third-party, independent reporting channel for employees to anonymously report harassment incidents. In addition, WeVow offers sexual harassment training for employees, confidential counseling and consulting that will be available free to all employees
  • Participate in the three-part series Preventing Sexual Harassment through the Brewers Association led by Define the Line



  • Immediately discontinue Maple Nipple and Knockout Blonde brands in name and illustration
  • Execute an audit of current and future beer release plans and initiate rebranding as appropriate
  • Utilize multiple hiring platforms and recruitment strategies to encourage diversity in our applicant pool for new hires
  • Further support and expand our employee-led Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) Board



  • Create and implement a Festival and Event Rubric for evaluation of event protocols for handling issues in regard to harassment, assault, racism, xenophobia, prejudice, etc. for decision-making representative of our values



  • Implement a Taproom safe-word program in the women’s restroom to empower anonymous declaration for female guests in distress
  • Add signage in the Taproom to communicate our rules of respect to all guests
  • Ensure accessibility and ADA compliance for all guests both in-person and online
  • Expand Taproom procedures and protocol to respond to sexism, harassment, racism and violence



  • Identify new opportunities and partnerships to further support EID causes
  • Include EID category on selection rubric for Sunshine Fund recipients and charitable partners
  • Participate in future training opportunities and utilize resources provided by other local and national organizations