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Lawson’s Finest X Caledonia Spirits

We are thrilled to collaborate with Caledonia Spirits on our Barrel Aged Saison, aged in Tom Cat Gin barrels. After months of anticipation, this magical process  has mingled the classic aroma esters of a strong Belgian Saison (inspired by “Avec Les Bon Voeux”) with the earthy and herbal notes of Tom Cat Gin. The brew will be available mid-July in bottles and on draft in our Taproom and at the Barr Hill Distillery and Bar.  You’ll also be able to take a bottle home from our Retail Store or try Caledonia Spirit’s exclusive beer cocktail featuring the barrel-aged Saison at their Distillery and Bar.



These brews are distributed to our nine states (VT, CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI).




Hopcelot is here and going fast! Phish-fans’ favorite brew is back in all nine of our distribution states. The beer was inspired by a dreamy combination of music, hops, and beer yielding a dank aroma, chewy mouthfeel and ripe citrus finish in the flavor. Pick up a four-pack today and revel in the glory of 8 varieties of hops from around the world, brewed to create intricate flavor and delight your senses!

Super Session #8


Fan-favorite Super Session #8 is back bursting with intense aromas of the iconic Mosaic hop. Each beer in our Super Session Series is brewed with the same malt base and specialty malts but features a different single-hop variety. The Mosaic hop brings a medley of peach, mango, blueberry and rose for 4.8% ABV of juicy perfection.

Sip of Sunshine


Amplify your summer with a Sip of Sunshine IPA in hand. Our lupulin-laden signature liquid is packed with tropical fruit character, bright floral aromas and delectable layers of hop flavor. It’s a vacation in a can and the perfect brew to enjoy whether you’re on a beach or just dreaming of one.

Little Sip


Little Sip IPA is the juicy, fruit-forward little cousin to Sip of Sunshine. Each sip features notes of grapefruit and pineapple for a delightfully balanced brew. At a crushable 6.2% ABV, this is truly a Sip for Every Occasion

Special Brews


Above the Clouds


Above the Clouds is a crisp, clear golden ale available in our Taproom and Retail Store in July. It’s an approachable and light-bodied brew with a subtle citrusy hop aroma featuring notes of straw and fresh grain.

App Gap Saison


Our Belgian-inspired style farmhouse ale has a slightly spicy character, fruity yeast-driven esters and an effervescent, dry finish. App Gap Saison pays homage to our mountain gateway to the Valley.



There’s a reason Chinooker’d is a staff favorite. This is our traditional American IPA recipe which is chock-full of Chinook hops bursting with pine and citrus aromas. Firm bitterness and a balanced malt profile give way to waves of flavorful delight.