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For the past month, the Lawson’s Finest Family has divided into four teams all vying for the title of 2021 Homebrew Champion. Since the brewing competition was launched by Brewing Director, Scott Shirley, our campus has been buzzing with excitement with each team brewing a beer to win the votes of coworkers and Taproom guests 

Voting boxes and homemade tap handles on display

On top of writing the recipe, each team had to brainstorm a team name, create a beer name and get crafty designing a signature tap handle and voting box. Every part of the competition encouraged collaboration from team members across the organization. “Having the opportunity to work as a team and come up with a beer seemed like a great way to get a lot of different people working together from all departments,” said Shirley.  “It was a great team building opportunity as well as a creative outlet.” 

The competition is about more than just brewing. Shirley wanted teams to channel their inner child and let their imagination run wild. Now, there’s paper mâché tap handles in the lunchroom, recipe brainstorming in the Taproom and strategy sessions in the Brewery. Brewers, Maintenance Crew members, Sales Associates and everyone in between are tossing friendly, competitive banter across Lawson’s Finest campus and “When my team wins…” has become a common conversation starter.  


After a month of brewing and hijinks, we need your help to decide which beer reigns supreme. Starting Monday October 18th, all four beers will be available on draft in our Taproom. Stop by and vote on your favorite! The champions will brew their siptacular recipe at the Warren Wizard’s Workshop to be a featured draft in the upcoming season. 

Team Name: Brownie Troop 155 

Team Captain: Julie Smith – Lab Manager 

Beer: Backroads Brown  

Description: A dark, roasted English Brown Ale with notes of chocolate and coffee. The beer has a mellow finish and slight sweet notes from added maple syrup. 

Brownie Troop 155


Team Name: The Cream Team 

Team Captain: Chris Heilmann – Brewer 

Beer: Hopsicle  

Description: This vanilla, tangerine cream ale is just like your favorite summertime treat. Upfront vanilla notes with subtle freshly squeezed tangerine melodies soiree with a smooth, creamy finish. It will take you back to chasing your local ice cream truck. Hey! It’s Mr. Ding-a-ling! 

The Cream Team


Team Name: The Golden State Fanny Kickers 

Team Captain: Brian Wendt- Cellarman 

Beer: Dude, Where’s My Pale Ale? 

Description: West Coast meets East Coast with a touch of Rye, this lightly golden hazy beer has the classic bitterness of a West Coast-style IPA and features Cascade, Centennial, and Simcoe hops. Dry, clean, and balanced. Enjoy! 


The Golden State Fanny Kickers

Team Name: Ray’s of Sunshine 

Team Captain: Ray Connery – Cellar Operator/Brewer 

Beer: Elektron 

Description: This hazy, hoppy rye amber ale is a spicy (pun intended) rendition of an amber. Elektron is a complex ale, that is still drinkable at a sessionable 5.4% ABV. It has dominant spiciness and earthy flavors from a hefty addition of malted and flaked rye. Beneath the spiciness, lies a fruity, citrusy, orangey character from the generous addition of seven different hop varieties, as well as toasty, biscuity, and faint honey notes from a grain bill that features seven different malts.  We see Elektron as a change of pace Autumn and Winter beer to provide your hop fix while also providing sustenance on the cooler days to come.  


Ray’s of Sunshine