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The History of Chinooker’d IPA

Our beloved Chinooker’d IPA, much like many of our beers, is an original homebrew recipe from the earliest days of Lawson’s Finest. In fact, Sean entered it in the 2007 Homebrewers Association National Homebrew Competition and it came in second for the IPA category!

What’s Hop’n?

As you would expect, the name Chinooker’d comes from the Chinook hops that are featured in this brew. According to Sean, the very first batch was single hopped with all Chinook. In attempts to round out the profile, Sean started to do some experimenting with other hop varieties. Ultimately, he determined that the perfect blend was Chinook, Centennial, and Columbus hops.

“Clean, clear, old school American IPA” -Sean Lawson

Let’s Talk Flavors

This IPA is known for its pine and citrus flavors including lemon, lime, and a slight hint of orange. There is also an undeniable dankness that comes from the Chinook and Columbus hops. It’s high in bitterness with enough sweetness to leave you with a balanced, lingering bite.