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To get in the Halloween spirit, we asked the Lawson’s Finest team what candy and Lawson’s Finest beer they think would pair best together. Here are some of our favorites.

Little Sip or Sip of Sunshine with Starbursts

The citrus flavors are complemented by the fruity nature of Starbursts.

Big Hoppy with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

The bold, dark flavors of Big Hoppy go well with any chocolate but who doesn’t love Reeses peanut butter cups?

Scrag Mountain Pils with PayDays

Our crisp Scrag Mountain Pils goes well with the salty, nutty flavor of PayDays.

Brave Little State with Starbursts

The juicy flavors and berry aromas of Brave Little State pair perfectly with fruity, juicy Starbursts.

Triple Sunshine with Sour Skittles

For all of the sour lovers out there, this combo is a must try. It gives you fruit flavors with an added punch.

Mad River Maple with Rolos

Chocolate, caramel, and maple; it’s a sweet tooth’s dream!

Super Session IPA with Jolly Ranchers

Fruity, juicy, and refreshing especially with the green apple Jolly Ranchers! 

Double Sunshine with Gummy Bears

Double Sunshine is packed with juicy, lush fruit flavor just like classic Gummy Bears. Seems like a perfect match!