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At Lawson’s Finest, we strongly value our community and support programs like StewardMRV that strive to make a difference. StewardMRV is an initiative that aims to transform the way our community takes care of our swim holes, trail heads and river access points.  Proper stewardship is vital to maintain the sustainability of recreation and the health of the environment in the Mad River Valley. Scenic beauty, a healthy environment, and outdoor recreation are at the heart of why people visit and live here. How we care for these access points is essential for our future.

Lawson’s Finest Liquids has generously agreed to support the fledgling stewardMRV program to develop a sustainable, long-term vehicle to properly care for the Mad River Valley’s outdoor recreational access points. They have pledged a dollar for dollar match of up to $10,000 from their Super Sessions Social Impact Program initiative to help make this ambitious program a reality.

Community donations will be matched through their Social Impact Program (SIP) which is Lawson’s Finest way of building impactful connections and strengthening communities while creating memorable experiences. Karen Lawson states, “Supporting programs in the Mad River Valley are a priority for the Social Impact Program. We aim to ensure that we’re taking care of our precious local resources, on both the human and environmental level.”

The key aim of the stewardMRV initiative is to foster an ethos of stewardship in the community and create a sustainable way to take care of our vital outdoor recreation assets for generations to come. This program includes trash/recycling receptacles and pick-up, enhanced restroom facilities, dog waste mitigation, encouragement of volunteerism, data collection, and much more.