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The History of Steve’s Backyard Red

One of our specialty brews, Steve’s Backyard Red, is once again available in Vermont! This hoppy, red ale made its debut in the early months of 2020 as our first collaboration beer! How crazy it that? Even though the Waitsfield Brewery was up and running at the time, Sean and Steve, a friend and local homebrewer, thought it would be most fitting to make this beer right in their backyard. Together, they brewed the first batch of Steve’s Backyard Red in the original Lawson’s Finest Brewery in Warren, Vermont. 

Each year since its debut, Steve brings his knowledge of hops and malts back to Lawson’s Finest to help brew a batch of Steve’s Backyard Red. 

We refer to the hops used in this beer as The Three C’s – CascadeColumbus, and CentennialThese hops were instrumental in the rise of American craft beer and are fairly common in American IPAs. Together, they create an undeniably crisp and citrus flavor profile; no wonder they are so popular! Find Steve’s Backyard Red near you and see for yourself.