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Introducing Nitro Stout

Our canned Irish-Style Dry Stout

Several years ago, we introduced a velvety Irish nitro stout to our taproom-only menu. Named after Sean Lawson’s grandmother, Isobell McPeake (a.k.a Mamma Bell) who emigrated to the United States from Ireland, McPeake’s Nitro Stout quickly gained popularity among visitors. Since then, it has been a year-round dark beer option for those who swing by the taproom. The hope was to one day can and share the delicious Irish stout with the rest of our fans. Five years later, we have accomplished just that!

Now going by Nitro Stout, this nitrogenated beer with notes of chocolate and roasted coffee, cascading bubbles, and dense foam can be found and enjoyed in all 9 states!

What is Nitro?

A nitrogenated beer is a sensory experience. The addition of nitrogen creates tiny, dense bubbles that float to the top of the glass generating a creamy head with luxurious mouthfeel. It’s a texture that you don’t get with pure carbonation.

Our Nitro Stout

To get the same experience from our canned Nitro Stout, we dose the beer with liquid nitrogen during packaging as opposed to using a widget. To best enjoy Nitro Stout from a can, we encourage beer lovers to gently shake the can, crack it open, pour vigorously into an imperial pint, and enjoy!