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It’s time to meet another one of our Lawson’s Finest team members! This team member has been with us since 2018 and is the creator of the newest Lawson’s Finest beer, Beach Party! It is our pleasure to introduce you to the Head of Brewery Operations, Scott Shirley.

What was the inspiration behind Beach Party?

We heard from our fans that some of them are looking for a lower ABV beer that is still full flavored. As of now, there are not a lot of beers like that in the market because it is difficult to do. I saw it as a fun challenge and I think it come out well.

Do you think low ABV beers are on the rise? If so, why?

I do think there is a swing toward lower ABV beer for a couple of reasons. Personally, I enjoy drinking beer but don’t always appreciate the high ABVs of today’s craft beers. With a lower ABV beer like Beach Party, I can have 2-3 pints. Lastly, you just can’t get the full beer flavor with any of the current NA processes currently being used.

What are the main characteristics of the beer? (style, hops, body, tasting notes, etc.)

I consider this a hop forward ale or light IPA. We used Strata, Lotus and Lemondrop hops. It’s light body but not thin. Full flavored hop notes with a fruity background.

Is “Beach Party” in January ironic?

We are in the business of creating sunshine all year round so, I thought, why not have a beach party in January?

Where would you like to enjoy a Beach Party?

Between ski runs.

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