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Lawson’s Finest Liquids is proud to support over thirty central Vermont non-profit organizations on Giving Tuesday, December 1st.  Karen and Sean Lawson, owners of Lawson’s Finest, announced the distribution of gifts totaling over $100,000 on Monday, November 30th. Donation recipients include non-profit organizations that provide housing and food security, relief from abuse, public health, life skills training, child and adult specialized programming, sustainable recreation, and environmental preservation. See below for a full listing of the donation recipients:

The Lawson’s Finest Social Impact Program (SIP) supports the people and places that make living in Vermont special and viable. Through charitable giving, one of the SIP’s goals is to support strong and thriving communities while also protecting our natural resources. The Giving Tuesday donation recipients are safety nets for the community, and during the pandemic it is vital to ensure these agencies can continue to provide high quality services.

Karen Lawson states, “This year has been incredibly difficult for many non-profit organizations and the populations they serve. We are delighted to offer financial assistance to over thirty agencies to enhance their services. The pandemic has underscored the need for us to take good care of each other.”

Giving Tuesday