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From a sketch to the final product

Our newest beer, Hazy Rays, is creating a purple haze across shelves in our 9-state territory! Do you ever find yourself wondering how we come up with our package designs? Well you are in luck! Here is a behind the scenes look at how Hazy Rays came to life.

The Concept

After making the decision to come out with a new, year-round beer, we quickly agreed that it had to be a part of the sunshine family. At this point we had our package designer, Andrew Dernavich, start developing a new sun. Here are some of the original sketches he came back with. Do you notice any similarities between these sketches and the final sun?

Picking Colors

Once we had a sun, it was time to do some color exploration. Knowing it would be on shelves next to Sip of Sunshine and Little Sip, it was important that the new can complement the yellow and blue. It’s amazing to think that we considered colors besides purple!

We decided that we had to go with purple not only because it looked the best next next to Sip of Sunshine and Little Sip, but because it completed the sunshine family rainbow!

The Name

Coming up with a new name is without a doubt, the hardest part of this process. This part was very much a team effort. We held brain storming sessions, did research, and finally conducted a company-wide survey. All of this led to the name Hazy Rays!

There you have it folks!

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