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New Brews 

Steve’s Backyard Red 

This month we welcome back to Vermont, Steve’s Backyard Red. Our collaboration with local homebrewer Steve Robbins features his talented use of specialty malts, a fine blend of hops, and a generous dose of Green Mountain attitude.  

Super Session Series

Something new is on the horizon for the Super Session Series… Stay tuned for more information!

Limited Time Drafts 

Crusher Kolsch 

This month, in the Taproom, we are introducing a honey Kolsch. Crusher Kolsch is 5.1% ABV and features 12 lbs of local Vermont honey. It is brilliantly clear and has a pleasant initial sweetness, yet finishes crisp, dry, and exceptionally clean.  A well-balanced beer that has floral and herbal notes from Strisselspalt hops that complement cracker and grain from high quality German malted barley. The Vermont honey lends a soft and delicate mouthfeel.  The traditional cold fermentation along with the extended lagering time helps keep Crusher Kolsch clean and smooth.  


Enduro World Series

August 12th-14th

The Enduro World Series is coming to the East Coast for the first time ever and we are ecstatic to be the main beer sponsor for this historic event. It will be a weekend of festivities and awesome racing that you won’t want to miss. Get your passes today! 

Check out our events page to see the other things that are happening this month.

Sunshine Fund 

The Open Door Clinic

August 1st-15th

Our first Sunshine Fund recipient this month is The Open Door Clinic. The Open Door Clinic works to increase access to free, quality healthcare services to those who are uninsured or underinsured in a compassionate, respectful and culturally sensitive manner. The free clinic provides chronic and acute, mental, and dental health care, insurance navigation services and farmworker outreach. 

Vermont Parks Forever

August 16th-31st

Sunshine Fund proceeds from the second half of the month will benefit Vermont Parks Forever. The goals of Vermont Parks Forever are ambitious: to increase park access for underserved communities, to improve park nature centers and interpretive education so visitors can connect to the natural world in a deep, sustained way, and to create opportunities that inspire a new generation of environmentalists to defend our natural places. 

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