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Vermont Farm Immersion Program: Based at Hartshorn Farm in Waitsfield, VT. Their mission is to inspire, guide and educate the next generation of farmers and food business entrepreneurs, as well as empower individuals to grow food sustainably. Each of the one-of-a-kind, hands on, residential and experiential programs intensively explores all aspects of growing certified organic vegetables, fruits, and medicinal herbs as well as year round, climate protected, sustainable hydroponic (grown in water) greens, farm animal care, beekeeping, operating a farm stand and maple sugar house, agritourism events, pick your own, wholesale produce accounts, CSA’s, creating farm camps for kids, food & farm tours, and an introduction to a large variety of local food businesses.   Funding would be used to help create a scholarship fund so that the cost of the program will not be a deterrent for those that really want to participate, as well as funds to finish a space that will be used as a dorm.