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I(PA) Do


It all began with a pack of Sip of Sunshine IPA. Vanessa Sanjuan waltzed into Peter Starrett’s house cradling the crisp, yellow four-pack heeding her grandmother’s wise advice to never show up empty-handed. When she offered Peter a can, their 10-year love story began. But as Vanessa always says, “Everything that’s good is worth the wait.”

They cultivated their friendship over their mutual love of good beer and good times. After years of friendship and some Instagram DMs, the two realized their crush was mutual.

As their love grew, so did their love of brew. “I liked beer prior to dating her, but I didn’t have a full appreciation for craft beer and small breweries,” Peter said. “So, Lawson’s Finest was what set me off.”

They visited breweries everywhere they went, leaving a breadcrumb trail of hops throughout the Northeast to chronicle their love story. Through every sip, cheers and chug; the couple always held Lawson’s Finest Liquids close to their shared heart. When he finally popped the question — they wanted the beer that started it all by their side when they tied the knot.

Photo courtesy of the Starretts

They planned a wedding in under 100 days because their love simply couldn’t wait. The couple wanted their big day to bear the essence of their relationship. They focused less on traditions and more on things that were unapologetically “them.” At every stage of planning, they garnished their wedding with soul. The couple chose a Rolls Royce over a limo, gave Sip of Sunshine as part of their wedding favor and even did their champagne toast with beer.

As they stepped out of the church reveling in newlywed bliss, they were greeted by a white Rolls Royce stocked with Sip of Sunshine and shared their first drink as Mr. and Mrs. Starrett. “It was one of the highlights of the day,” Vanessa said. “That moment with just us behind closed doors, in the car with our Sip of Sunshine — it was the best.”

Stuck in traffic on the ride to the reception, it felt like time stood still. They shared a toast and absorbed their long-awaited celebration of love with the same beer they first clinked cans with 10 years ago.

You never know what could happen when you share a Sip of Sunshine IPA.

Justin Johnson Photography

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