Lawson’s Finest invites individuals to Show Up, Innovate, and Play! This is the spirit we bring to everything we do- it’s how we brew our beer, do our work, relate to each other and try to make the world better. As part of our Social Impact Program, we aim to build impactful connections and strengthen communities while creating memorable experiences.

In that spirit, we are offering pint-sized grants for playful Super Sessions to bring people together in fun ways anywhere Lawson’s Finest is distributed.

We want to see how you can make a difference for the people in your community no matter how small!

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    This is a creative, can-do person who will help make your Super Session happen and can help spread the word about your awesome event…and will hold you accountable to follow through on your Super Session commitment. We are counting on applicants to show good faith and follow through!
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  • Make it fun! Choose a playful and snappy name.
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  • Please describe your idea- what will you do, and how will it build and benefit community connections?
  • How much funding would you like for your Super Session? Grants typically range from $250-$1,000 with exceptions for larger grants.
  • How many people are you expecting for your Super Session? Please estimate a number.
  • Please provide us with a breakdown of how you would use your pint-sized grant.
  • Grant recipients agree to submit event photos and/or video for Lawson’s Finest authorized use.
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