Wow…Thank you! and Sorry!

Posted on Dec 16, 2012 in Farmers Markets

We are humbled and amazed at yesterday’s turnout at the Montpelier Farmer’s Market – Thank you! We also want to say “sorry” to anyone who was not able to purchase the bottles you were seeking, and for having to change the bottle limit during the market. We anticipated a busy day with it being the holiday market just before Christmas, however, we also brought double the number of cases that we have ever been able to get to a market in the past. That is part of the reason we raised the limit to six bottles. At many previous markets we brought half as many cases and at four bottle limit, we were ending the day with some cases left – everyone had a chance to buy bottles and after the first hour of the market, when the big rush typically occurs, there was often little to no line or wait. Hence my request to not arrive early….as it is cold outside and the indoor farmers market cannot accommodate a long line inside. Our sincere apologies to anyone who left disappointed.

We began offering our beer at the farmer’s market at a way for us to have some retail sales (since we are unable to have tours, tastings or sales at our brewery due to our location), but more importantly to offer sample tastings and meet and greet our customers. With such a huge line, yesterday was the first time we were unable to accommodate sample tastings.

For now we will be returning to the four bottle limit and working with the market manager to modify our system of crowd management to ensure that the system is both fair and that we do our best to keep people from waiting in the cold for a long period of time.

The Lawson’s thank you for you support! – Sean and Karen

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