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I am thankful for so much….family most importantly, and that’s what I love most about this holiday. Our T-day tradition is to cook a local Misty Knoll turkey (brined of course) and invite our loved ones. It always seems to snow right around Thanksgiving here in Warren and this year is no exception. A good foot on the ground this evening of the freshies! Wish I was out making some ski turns with friends, but alas, family and food prep call….which I love.

This year’s turkey brine follows a recipe from renowned beer cuisine expert and chef Sean Paxton, aka “Homebrew Chef”. See here:
for his brining recommendation. Mine has a light and hoppy Lawson’s Finest Gonzie session ale (the last of it!) in the mix. Can’t wait!
Friday deliveries will happen as usual this week, and going out is the first of the really cold season beers – Fayston Maple Imperial Stout! Perfect for these cold nights and pairing with a dessert, dark chocolate, or just savoring by the woodstove.
Several cases of bottles ($15/750ml) will go to Hunger Mtn. Coop and Beverage Warehouse, and the Warren Store will have plenty through next week. It will also go on tap soon (delivered Friday) at all of our draft accounts, listed on Lawson’s website.
Next week, the Sugarhouse IPA will be back, followed by Double Sunshine the following week. You can look forward to our holiday brew Red Spruce Bitter sometime around X-mas/New Years. Look for us at our first winter farmer’s market at the Dec. 17th Montpelier Farmers Market. Lawson’s will also be at the 1/21, 3/3, and 4/21 markets offering tastings and bottle sales. Visit the market’s website for more info, times, directions and descriptions of all the really great farms and producers that are at the market.
Have a wonderful holiday, and THANK YOU for being a fan and supporter of Lawson’s Finest Liquids.

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