Farmer’s Market – Sat. Jan. 19th

Posted on Jan 18, 2013 in Farmers Markets, Mad River Valley, Our Events

After the huge turnout for our December market, we have some changes planned to hopefully make your experience better and the overall flow work more smoothly.

We plan to have a sign outside the venue that states “beer line only” along with our Lawson’s logo. We will start handing out numbered order slips at 8:30 am outside the gym. These slips will have an approximate schedule of time (eg #1-12 = 10:00am to 10:15am etc.) along with a list of the beers that we have available and prices so that your order organized when arriving at the table. We will have a bright red “NOW SERVING” number sign at/behind the table with the number that we are serving that will be visible from a distance, so that folks can simply get a number to secure a place in line and either come back to market later or browse and shop from other vendors before their number is called. If someone misses their number, we will honor their number by joining the end of line at the table. However, due to the space constraints of the indoor market, we cannot not allow more than a few people to gather at our vending table at any time. Please be mindful of not blocking other vendors tables while you wait.

While at the Farmer’s Market, please support the other vendors as well as businesses in Montpelier. This Saturday is Meat Day and there are eight different farms offering an amazing range of Vermont-raised meats! You will also find fresh, winter, and canned vegetables, wine and mead, great cheeses, prepared foods, breads and baked goods, maple syrup, honey, crafts and more!

There will be a 4 bottle limit per variety of beer (limit of 2 for Kiwi DIPA), per person, with a total limit of one case per person. A list of beers with descriptions can be found below.

Red Spruce Bitter – $7/22oz
Paradise Pale Ale – $7/22oz
Chinooker’d IPA – $8/22oz
Kiwi Double IPA – (limit 2 – only 10 cases) – $9/22oz 
Maple Nipple Ale – $9/22oz
2011 Lost Meadow Cider (limit 2) – $10/22oz

Cask tapping at Three Penny Taproom!

We will be finishing the afternoon with a special tapping of a pin (cask) of Double dry-hopped Chinooker’d IPA at the Three Penny Taproom at 3pm! Can’t wait!

Our Beers

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