UPDATED: 2010 Maple Tripple

Posted on Apr 15, 2011 in Our Beer

This special brew is one of our single-batch beers, and can only be made during the sugaring season in Vermont. Here’s the description from the label:

“Bottled in April 2011, this ‘once a year beer’ is a slowly fermented single-batch brew made during 2010 spring sugaring season. It quietly rested for a year in a single oak barrel from Saxtons River Distillery that previously held Sapling maple liquor. Our recipe has no water added, and uses only barley, hops, yeast, and concentrated maple sap from our friend Paul Marble of Fayston, VT. Bottle-conditioned. Will age elegantly for many years.”

Encapsulated in the bottle is an exquisite and intense maple experience! The specialty bottles that hold the 2010 Maple Tripple are beautiful – 500ml sparkling wine style with heavy antique green glass and an enticing shape. Megan Schultz of Meg’s Events and Designs has designed a

new label for this beer that is fantastic and matches the premium quality of this unique creation.

More details will be posted next week, but here’s what we know so far about the release: We will not take any advanced orders or reservations for any of our beer at this market. Sales will begin at 10:00am.

– 2010 Maple Tripple Ale – 4 bottle/person limit

– First-come, first-serve. We’ll post details next week on how we’ll manage the line.

– There will be several other varieties of Lawson’s beer for sale, and these will have a bottle limit of 2 of any variety, with a total limit of 4 bottles (in addition to any Maple Tripple). The maximum allocation for any one person will be eight bottles.

I really appreciate your patience and understanding in that we have a tiny brewery with very limited capacity. We understand many of you travel to make a purchase, and unfortunately there is never enough beer to meet everyone’s expectations. I appreciate your support and look forward to the day when we have more beer to go around!



When you visit the Montpelier Farmer’s Market (http://www.montpelierfarmersmarket.com/), be sure to check out all the amazing producers here. Fresh spring greens and veggies galore, local and natural meats from beef to duck and pork, artisan cheeses, Vermont wine, pickled and preserved farm goodies, crafts and prepared foods! Please support the market while you visit by visiting the other vendors!

Here’s the scoop on exactly what we will offer and how it will go down:

2010 Maple Tripple Ale – $25/500ml – limit 4/person – 264 bottles

Double Sunshine IPA – $9/22oz – limit 2/person -about 90 bottles

Triple Play IPA – $7/22oz – limit 2/person – about 90 bottles

– We’ll begin handing out numbered cards at 9:30am outside the entrance to the Vermont College Gym to secure a place in line. Look for the guy with the LFL sign! – If you arrive before 9:30am, you will be asked to wait outside and not obstruct vendors from setting up. We are not permitted to have a long line-up at the table. – The numbered card will entitle you to purchase up to 4 bottles of 2010 Maple Tripple. All other beer varieties offered for sale will be limited to 2 of any variety with a total of 4 additional bottles/person, first-come, first serve. Just to be clear, if you want to purchase the maximum allocation, you can buy a total of 8 bottles (4 Maple Tripple, 2 Double Sunshine IPA, and 2 Triple Play IPA). Once its gone, its gone! – Your card will have a time to arrive table make your purchase. We estimate 7 people for every 10 minutes. (e.g. #1-3 will have 10:00am; #4-7, will have 10:05am; #8-10 will have 10:10am, #11-14 will have 10:15am, etc.). – Once we have handed out 66 numbered cards, we will consider all the beer to be sold. However, it is not likely that everyone will purchase 4 bottles of Maple Tripple Ale each, so please check back with us at or after 12pm noon for availability of this beer.


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