IPA Weekend in Waterbury & Warren Store Tasting

Posted on Dec 1, 2010 in Our Beer, Our Events, Special Events

With the highly anticipated release of Heady Toppper in bottles happening at the Alchemist this Saturday, December 4th at 11am – Waterbury, Vermont will be a hop-head heaven! For the traveling fans of beer, Lawson’s Finest is pleased to announce our Waterbury debut on tap! Beginning Friday afternoon, across the street from the Alchemist, the Blackback Pub and Flyshop will be offering up Lawson’s Paradise Ale on draught. Amber, chewy and aromatic, this brew is dry-hopped with Amarillo. Back across and up the street just a few buildings, Lawson’s will also have the Chinooker’d IPA pouring over at the Resevoir resaturant and pub. Both places will be open on Saturday morning! Check at each establishment for hours. As if you needed further enticement, at the Blackback Pub also offer’s Shaun Hill’s hoppy wonders, where you’ll find this weekend the Hill Farmstead’s beautiful Edward and Abner double IPA. Ahhhhh the lupulins! If you are fan of juicy, delicious, fresh IPA’s get yourself to Waterubury this weekend!

Warren Store Tasting – Saturday 2pm to 4pm

I’ll be doubling-down on bottled beer this week and offering a tasting of Lawson’s Finest at the Warren Store, on the main street in the village on Saturday afternoon from 2 – 4 pm. Our regular delivery will happen on Friday, for folks planning to travel thru that way. I’ll be re-stocking the Warren Store at the outset of the tasting for Saturday afternoon. As always, there is a 4 bottle per person, per day limit on bottles. I’ll have the following brews, tentatively for tasting and sales:

Knockout Blonde Ale

Maple Nipple Ale

Chinooker’d IPA

Red Spruce Bitter (2010 Holiday beer)

I just brewed the second batch of Red Spruce Bitter yesterday, with fresh clipped spruce springs from the trees just adjacent to our brewery, and finished the first batch with a dash of cinnamon. It has a distinct woodsy flavor, layer with nice dark malts, altogether in a sessionable 4% ABV beer. Take a break from the winter warmers with this one!

Look foward to seeing some of you this Saturday. Cheers!

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