Happy 2009!

Posted on Jan 4, 2009 in Our Beer

Welcome and thanks for visiting! This is the first installment of what I hope will be frequent updates to keep you informed about the latest liquid offerings from our small brewery and where you can find them. You can get more detailed information about us at our website.

So what’s up?! The holidays cleaned me out of brew…literally. The end of 2008 brought a flurry of buying and the last of the holiday beers – our Red Spruce Bitter – is on tap right now at American Flatbread and is likely already sold-out at the Warren Store (bottles). Across the road at the Pitcher Inn the Papleblonde is sold out! Sadly, Warren will be dry of Liquids for sale until Friday the 9th of January – our next round of deliveries. Check back for the goods.

Down the road in Rochester, VT at the Village Porch Restaurant, Dean and Connie are serving up Lawson’s Finest “Porch Pint” a special brew created just for their establishment. The winter version is dark copper in color and aggressively hopped…we call it a ‘Hoptoberfest’ style ale. They are open Thurs. – Sun. Over at The Comman Man Restaurant in Warren, Keith is serving up the Maple Nipple in 12 oz bottles. They are open Tues.-Sat.

Up at the mountain in General Stark’s Pub at Mad River Glen, the Maple Nipple (9%) is on tap, and only one more day to get it for now. Unfortunately, the great last thaw of 2008 on the weekend of Dec. 27-28 really wiped out the snow. MRG has been limping along with just the practice slope open since 12/29. The mountain will be closed Monday 1/4 thru Thursday 1/8, unless we get some major snowfall before then. Again, Friday the 9th looks to be the golden day! Next up at the River? Watch out, it’s HOPZILLA, one of my double IPA’s.

See our website for more info about the Strong Beer Series at MRG. Hope 2009 brings you the best.

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