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Posted on Mar 9, 2013 in Our Beer

Hi all,
Well, I know some of you went looking for bottles of Double Sunshine IPA and found none today. I’m sorry it sells out so fast! Keep in mind, that one batch is 7bbl, or 217 gallons. That is not a lot of beer to go around. The good news is that at the most recent Farmer’s Market event in Montpelier on March 2, you could have shown up anytime between 10am and 2pm and bought up to 6 bottles of Double Sunshine.

More bottles of Double Sunshine will be arriving at our three retail stores next week on Thursday, 3/14 (Warren) and Friday, 3/15 (Winooski; Montpelier). Kegs will be delivered to our draft accounts on those same two days. Keep in mind that each restaurant and bar that carries our beer decides when to put it on tap based on their rotation, so please contact them directly to find out if the beer you are looking for is available.

This weekend, you’ll find Toast Black IPA (5.9% abv) on draft. You’ll also find the Lawson’s at the 38th Annual NATO Telemark Festival on Saturday, March 9th at Mad River Glen! We’ll have Triple Play IPA and Toast Black IPA on tap along with the rockin’ tunes of Guy Burlage and The Freeheelers!

Here’s a couple of questions I get often, so I will get the answer out to all of you:

Q: I went to buy your beer at (store/bar) and they were out. Why don’t you just make more?

A: I am brewing it as fast as I can! I am currently at the maximum capacity of our equipment and space.

Our capacity is limited by the size of our brewery (7bbl) and the number of tanks (three fermentors), as well as the residency time (the amount of time each batch stays in a tank while fermenting). We are committed to producing the highest quality and freshest beer possible, and will not compromise the amount of time it takes to make a batch in order to increase production.

Q: Do you intentionally limit your production? Why don’t you move to a bigger facility?

A: We are committed to our current location and quality of life that our small family-run business provides. We (my wife Karen and I) work our tails off every day to produce as much beer as possible that meets our quality standards. We have a significant investment in our brewery equipment and location (even if it is small). We have no plans for a major expansion in the near future.

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