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Posted on Jun 19, 2009 in Our Beer

On Wednesday, June 17 it was my honor and privledge to be the guest brewer at the Zero Gravity – American Flatbread brewpub in Burlington, VT. Huge thanks go out to brewer Destiny Saxon and founder/head brewer Paul Sayler for inviting me into their brewery! The idea started with finding a way for Lawson’s Finest to produce enough beer for the upcoming Vermont Brewer’s Festival on July 17 & 18 on the waterfront in Btown. Paul graciously extended to offer to do a guest brew, enabling Flatbread to serve up a Lawson’s recipe during the fest week and for me to have the kegs needed for the crowd. Wow, was this fun!

We brewed a scaled-version of my Chinooker’d IPA – a hop bomb for sure! On to the pictures…

Just above is the brewhaus – the brewkettle on the left and mash tun (top) and the water control panel. Picture below is the hot liquor aka hot water tank.

The malt mill…grinding up the malt…mmm Gambrinus Pale Ale malted barley, special aromatic, carapils, and pale crystal malt.

Dough-in…the milled grains mix with hot water at the top of the mash tun, and pour in, slowly filling it the tun.

Stirring the mash…a happy hoppy brewer!

The vorlauf = recirculating the mash liquid to raise the temperture and set the grain bed for lautering and sparge water. Next, the run-off (transfer of mash liquid) to the brewkettle.

The first hops addition to the brewkettle…loads and loads of Chinook hops! Boil for 1 hour, add LOTS more hops, and high hopes!

After the boil is over…and the finished wort is being transferred to the fermenter…this is near the end, you can see the hop cone in the bottom of the brewkettle.

The heat-exchanger, oxygen port, sight glass, and thermometer…boiling hot wort chills to 68F degrees in a matter of seconds!

The fermenters…the Chinooker’d IPA is being transferred from the kettle to fermenter.

A whole lotta spent grain! Waiting for a farmer to pick it up

Cleaning out the mash tun

Ahhhhhh yes! End of the brew day and Destiny and Sean enjoying a few beers. Cheers!

PS – on tap this weekend 6/20…Weiss-K wheat bier and Papelblonde at American Flatbread, Waitsfield and in bottles at the Warren Store (might be a few bottles of Chinooker’d too!). Papelblonde at the Pitcher Inn, Maple Nipple Ale at the Common Man and the ‘Porch Pint’ blonde at the Village Porch.

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