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Our hearts, thoughts, and donations go out to all those who have been displaced, endured hardship, and lost their homes to Hurricane Irene.

Just a quick update to let you know that Lawson’s and our brewery are fine. Our current offering is a session ale, called Gonzie. IPA light or American Bitter Ale? It’s up to you. I made alot of this beer for the last warm weeks of the summer and the start of fall, so you will see it right thru September. Hope you enjoy and take good care.
To update you on the places where you can find our beer:
American Flatbread – heavy flood damage, but an amazing recovery is underway; they will re-open with Gonzie on tap on Friday 9/2!
Warren Store – Floodwaters came very close, but the store is open as usual. Gonzie in bottles on Fridays.
Pitcher Inn – The Tracks Pub downstairs was underwater on Sunday eve. They hope to re-open in a few weeks. Will keep you posted.
Common Man – Gonzie on tap and they are high and dry! Open Tues-Sat each week.
Village Porch in Rochester, VT – This town has been cut-off from access by vehicle for three days, and just re-established today. The community was devastated by the flood, and the main roads, as well as bridges in/out of town destroyed in places. My understanding is that the Village Porch and the Mendells are unharmed. They do not have power.
To get updated information, visit for news, and for information about the Mad River Valley, (and Granville/Hancock/Rochester) and recovery efforts.
You can donate goods in person on Friday in Waitsfield (see link above), make a donation to the Mad River Valley Community Fund, The Red Cross, or a reputable charitable organization.
Finally, please support our fellow brewer and friends John and Jen Kimmich of The Alchemist. Their brewpub was submerged by the floodwaters in Waterbury, and they lost much of the contents. The bright news is that they plan to gut the building and begin anew. And now the really great news…..Heady Topper in cans! Yes, Vermont’s first canned beer – brewed and canned in Vermont! The Alchemist Cannery has been in the works for months and will be opening just in time for Labor Day weekend!! You can get cold, tall, 16oz cans of Heady Topper – an American Double IPA at the Cannery, see the operation and get a tasting too, all starting this Friday, September 2 at 11am! Visit for their website.

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