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Coming Soon:

January 16-17 – Double Sunshine IPA

January 23-24 – Ava IPA

January 30-31 – Fayston Maple Imperial Stout

February 6-7 – Steve’s Backyard Red Ale


Our beer is distributed to a small number of Vermont retailers, restaurants and bars. Click here to FIND OUR BEER! See below for details and descriptions of all our beers.

 These beers are our most frequently available varieties.

With the change of seasons come our Seasonal Beers!

LabelTrimFaystonMapleImperialStoutFayston Maple Imperial Stout

LabelTrimLabelNotAvailableVermont Local Hop Harvest Ale

LabelTrimLabelNotAvailableKnock Out Blond

Our Occasional beers are brewed sporadically. Somethings just happen when they happen!

LabelTrimAvaIPAAva IPA

LabelTrimLabelNotAvailableSeared Palate Barley Wine

LabelTrimKiwiDoubleIPAKiwi Double IPA

LabelTrimLabelNotAvailableSugarhouse IPA


Some beers only happen once a year! Here’s our list of Once a Year Beers.

LabelTrimLabelNotAvailableBourbon Barrel Aged FMIS



LabelTrimLabelNotAvailableMaple Barrel Aged FMIS

LabelTrimRedSpruceBitterRed Spruce Bitter

 We love to team up with other brewers! Have a look at our list of collaboration beers.

LabelTrimLabelNotAvailableCollaboration Time #1 (Maine Beer Co)

LabelTrimLabelNotAvailableWarren Store Maple Wheat 

LabelTrimDoubleDoseDouble Dose IPA (Otter Creek Brewing)

A list of our discontinued beers.

Harvest Weizen

Hillside Cider

Honey I Love You Ale

Hop Song

Hunger Mtn. Coop 40th Anniversary Ale

Karen’s Kolsch

Knock-Yer-Hops Off IPA

Liquid Sunshine

Lost Meadow Cider

Papleblonde Ale

Paradise Pale Ale

Power Flower Harvest Ale

Session in the Rye

Slidebrook Weizenbock


Vermont Maple Sunrise Ale


Woodchuck Stout

 The Lawson’s Finest Liquids Complete Catalog of Beer (alphabetical order.)

Acer Quercus


Backyard Ale

Big Basin IPA

Big Hoppy India Black Ale

Bourbon Barrel Aged Fayston Maple Imperial Stout

Brettzilla Cask Blend (Barrel Aged Barleywine & Sugarhouse IPA)

Chinooker’d IPA

Collaboration Time #1

Crooked Cabin Ale

Double Dose IPA

Double Dry Hopped Chinooker’d IPA

Double Sunshine IPA


Equinox Extra XPA

Farmhouse Rye

Fayston Maple Imperial Stout  

Fistful-O-Hop IPA


Harvest Weizen

Hillside Cider

Honey I Love You Ale

Hop Song

Hopzilla Double IPA

Hunger Mountain 40th Anniversary Ale

Jack’s Belgian Dubble

Jade IPA

Karen’s Kolsch

Kiwi Double IPA

Knockout Blonde

Knock-Yer-Hops Off IPA

Lawson’s / Vermont Pub & Brewery Spruce Tip IPA  

Liquid Sunshine Ale

Lost Meadow Cider

Maple Barrel Aged Fayston Maple Imperial Stout

Maple Nipple Ale

Maple Tripple Ale

Maple Tripple Ale 3-Year Cellar Blend

Maple Wheat Ale

Papelblonde Ale

Paradise Pale Ale

Peril IPA

Permagrin Rye Pale Ale

Power Flower Harvest Ale

Red Spruce Bitter

Seared Palate 

Session In The Rye

Slidebrook Weizenbock

Spring Fever Session IPA


Steve’s Backyard Red Ale

Sticky Ale

Sugarhouse IPA

Three Penny Especiale

Toast IPA

Triple Play IPA

Vermont Local Hop Harvest Ale

Vermont Maple Sunrise Ale

Warren Store Maple Wheat


Woodchuck Stout


Our Beers

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