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Our Beers

Lawsons Finest Beer, brewery, brewsLawson’s Finest Liquids are set apart by unique styles, exceptional line of hoppy ales, and an ever-changing line-up of superior batches.

You’ll find a different beer at each restaurant and a rotating line-up of bottles at the Warren Store - each week with something different!

With our small batch system, we have the ability to custom craft new beers and traditional styles for restaurant and retail establishments that want to serve a unique and exceptionally delicious product. Please contact Lawson’s Finest for more information.


Double Sunshine IPA  - This American Double India Pale Ale is packed with juicy tropical fruit flavors and bright herbal aromas, thanks to the abundance of US-grown hops. ~8% a/v

Chinooker'd IPA  - Our award-winning IPA recipe is chockfull of Chinook hops and bursting with pine and citrus aromas and flavors. Careful, more than one of these will getcha schnocker'd! ~6.9% a/v

Crooked Cabin Ale – Our rich English-style brown ale is smooth drinking and full of malty goodness, with notes of caramel and toasted bread. Great for those shy of the hop and a fan of full-bodied flavorful beer. ~5.5% a/v

Maple Nipple Ale – Our hearty Vermont Maple ale is a unique and tasty brew loaded with local maple syrup and a kick! ~9.0% a/v

2009 Maple Tripple - Enticing, rich and complex, this creation defies easy description. Our 'once-a-year beer' is brewed only during sugaring season with 100% maple sap from our friend Paul Marble in Fayston, VT. No water added! Just barley, hops, and ale yeast. ~10.1% a/v

Fayston Maple Imperial Stout – A huge, rich, and strong stout brewed with a maple twist. Designed to keep you warm on sub-zero nights and for sipping with a fine meal or dessert. ~10.1% a/v

Equinox Extra XPA – Our “twice a year” beer, this special extra pale ale is brewed with ridiculous amounts of hops and a huge malty body that will leave you craving more when its gone. ~7.1% a/v

Weiss-K – One of our lightest offerings, this German style wheat bier is best served up fresh and ‘mit hefe’ (with yeast). Bursting with fruity aromas and a hint of spice from our weizen yeast. ~5.0% a/v

Papelblonde Ale– Light in color, yet big in flavor, our blonde ale is part of a tribute to our favorite New England baseball team! It offers a bright clean flavor and crisp finish, but packs a hoppy twist. ~5.4% a/v

Red Spruce Bitter – A winter seasonal brew infused with fresh sprigs of the red spruce tree and a dash of cinnamon that breaks from traditionally heavy holiday brews with a light body and refreshing zest. ~ 4.9% a/v

2009 Farmhouse Rye – Brewed once a year, this brew using rye, barley and wheat borrows from Wallonian tradition in creating a unique ‘house brew’. Fermented with a Belgian Saison yeast, finished with a champagne yeast for extra dryness, carefully aged and bottle conditioned. ~10.0% a/v

292 Ale – Our Hoptoberfest style has a deep copper color, rich caramel and toasted flavors, and is chock full of our favorite hops! ~5.5% a/v


BIG HAPI India Black Ale - This dark and devious brew reflects a resinous and sticky fusion of intense bitterness, big roasted barley flavors, and powerful dank aromas. Made with HUGE additions of five hop varieties and seven malts to create a bold flavor profile. ~7.5% a/v

Hopzilla Double IPA – This monster of an India Pale Ale will make you pucker up! Loaded with high-alpha US grown hops and enough malt backbone to balance the intense bitterness. Dry hopped and wicked strong to terrorize your taste buds. ~8.7% a/v

Fistful-O-Hop India Pale Ale – Bursting with citrus and piney aromas, this resinous India Pale Ale is one of Lawson’s signature brews. It packs a punch with a big bite and dry finish, it is wicked hoppy! ~6.1% a/v

Starkbier! - German for "strong beer" Lawson’s weizenbock style ale is a dark, spicy, and strong wheat bier. It is brewed with all imported German malts, noble hops, and special weizen strain of ale yeast. A fitting tribute to Stark Mountain and her mad legion of fans. ~8.1% a/v

Permagrin Rye Pale Ale - This special brew incorporates malted rye in the grain bill lending a spicy character and complex flavors. Generously hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial. This hoppy pale ale has a sneaky bite that will creep up and leave you smiling! ~6.0% a/v